living never wore one out so much as the effort not to live -anais nin

FlashMode: A Fall Fashion Event in Old Montréal

For almost a year, the only capacity under which I had been covering local events was for a blog directed at models, in an effort to inform them about local events. While I appreciate the opportunity to not only immerse myself in the Montreal fashion scene but to write about it, no matter the context, I must say that I’m quite happy with my decision to start covering shows for my own blog, as…

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Summer Recap. Part Three: When a Door Closes

When I returned from Cape Cod, my employer informed me that our persistence had paid off and that my position would finally become what it should have been from the start: A permanent one with benefits that offered job security. We had to follow official protocol, of course, and open the position up to externals, but it was just going to be a formality. I told my boss that if someone walked in…

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The kids, by far, enjoyed Coast Guard Beach the most. I must say that their mom did, too, despite having had her ass handed to her by the Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes getting smacked in back of the head by a large wave, causing your ears to ring and your vision to blur for a few moments is just what you need to start feeling alive again.

August 7th:

On the way to Coast Guard Beach


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Summer Recap. Part One: The First Few Days in Cape Cod.

Summer Recap. Part One: Cape Cod

All of the days in July that lead up to its final days, when I dashed about, prepping for our ad campaign shoot, feel like the One Long Day of July 2014, when I think about them: Get up. Quickly shower. Put on summer attire that I all but loathe. Moisturize but pass on make-up, to avoid looking like I came out of the loins of a raccoon that mated with Alice Cooper before I even reach the office.…

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